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How to cure premature ejaculation

The duration of sexual intercourse decides whether a man is suffering from premature ejaculation or not. Just ask yourself whether your self esteem is not lowered when your partner is dissatisfied or shows frowns on her face when you ejaculate very fast. The answer is obvious! Right?
There are many over the counter pills and many other products that claim effectiveness in curing the premature ejaculation. However, have you ever tried some simple techniques that will rekindle your sex life?
Try the following simple steps:

• Try squeeze technique. It is the one of the simplest ways of holding an erection for a longer period of time. Hold the tip of your penis tightly by placing it in between your thumb and your index finger. Hold it for 20-30 seconds and let your erection go down. You will regain the erection and can continue with sexual intercourse again. You can perform this technique when you are about to ejaculate.
Try this technique frequently till you are familiar with it.
• Never have the wrong notion that sex is only for procreation and your partner is just a baby producing machine. If you have this twisted notion, remove it from your mind at the earliest. Sexual act can reach its optimum point when there is a perfect union of mind and body between you and your partner. Be sensitive to her issues. Indulge in positions that are comfortable for both of you.
• Remember, sex is not just a mechanical act. Therefore, don’t be in haste. Relax and have fun. Try to derive joys from interesting chats and dirty talks. You can masturbate before having sex .You can also play with your partner’s clitoris with your finger. These acts will lubricate you and your partner and therefore you can have better sexual intercourse. Never start with penetration directly as it might spoil the whole sex session.
• Kissing, caressing and even oral sex are important parts of sexual intercourse. Always indulge in these acts while having sex.These are the keys to a longer and enjoyable sexual intercourse. However, never forget to maintain personal hygiene. For example, foul breath and unpleasant body odor can have an adverse effect on your sex life. It is better to brush your teeth before you have sex.You should also take bath before indulging in any sexual act. The same applies to your partner also.
• Check whether you are physically fit or not as people who have any physical ailment may not be able to perform sex well.
Remember, the above instructions will help you perform sex better and rejuvenate your sex life. Quite often, it is these simple instructions that are more effective in giving a better sex life than synthetic drugs. Even if you take pills also make sure that you take only natural pills that are both safe and effective.