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The Real truths and facts about penis enlargement pills

Penis enlargement is no longer a myth. It is possible!! You can enlarge your penis. Don’t listen to cynics who refute the fact that penis size can never be increased. Scientists have proved that it is indeed possible to increase the girth and length of penis.
An enlarged penis can boost your sex life. However, how does it help you in getting better sexual intercourse? The answer is nothing but ‘friction’. If your penis is big, there will be more friction when you penetrate into the vagina.This friction will give immense pleasure to both you and your partner. However, if your penis is small, there will be less friction and you will feel as if your partner’s vagina is too loose.
You can penetrate at the periphery of the vagina which is much tighter compared to the rest of the vagina but you can perform much better and enjoy your sex sessions better if you have an enlarged penis.
Never go for penis enlargement surgery as there is a high risk of suffering from side effects.
Side-effects of penis enlargement surgeries
i. Lack of proper erections.
ii. Loss of sensation.
iii. Chances of penis pointing downwards even during erection.
iv. Chances of having a deformed penis.

So what are the safest ways of penis enlargement? . Presently, the market is flooded with many penis enlargement pills, pumps, devices, patches and surgeries. Sometimes it can be puzzling for you to choose the right one? Penis is an important organ of a man’s body so it is better not to experiment on it and take chances. Many pills that promise good results may be effective but most of them have side effects. Begin with some easy exercises.
These exercises will help in increasing the flow of blood into the penile chambers and thereby support the growth of new cells in the penis.
Jelqing and stretching are the two basic penis exercise techniques. The former technique involves movement similar to milking of a cow. Corpora Cavernosa, which is a penile chamber, is filled with blood when you have sexual urge. It is this inflow of blood into this chamber that makes the penis erect. This technique, which supports inflow of blood into this chamber can permanently increase the penis size if performed regularly.
Stretching exercise increases the growth of cells in the penis

If you are not content with the above, you can try many pills available in the market that is meant for penis enlargement. You can choose the best pill that will help you in gaining a good penis size. However, remember that the best pills are those that not only prove to be effective but also have no side effects.